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Dentistry is one of the health sciences that is responsible for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the stomatognathic system, which includes in addition to teeth, gums, periodontal tissue, the upper jaw, lower jaw and temporomandibular joint.

Main interventions in dentistry

Exodoncy or extraction

Exodontia, commonly known as extraction, is the dental surgery technique by which the avulsion or removal of a tooth or portion thereof from the bone bed that houses it is performed.

Filling or filling

Obturation, commonly known as filling, is one of the main treatments performed in dentistry for the elimination of dental caries. The technique basically consists of removing the cavity tissue and filling the cavity with an artificial material. The most commonly used filler materials are amalgam and composite resin. For the preparation of the cavities lathes (small drills that rotate at high speed) equipped with carbide cutters that are able to act on the enamel and dentin are used. When the shutter is wide and affects a considerable extent of the tooth piece is called reconstruction and it is even larger reconstruction.


Endodontics is a dental procedure that acts on the dental pulp, is used to treat deep cavities that have gone through the enamel and dentin and have reached the pulp, producing an infection of the same known as pulpitis. The technique consists of accessing this deep area of the tooth piece, extracting the pulp by special instruments, and filling the cavity with an inert material.


Fixed appliances. Twin brackets with direct adhesion in both dental arches.

Orthodontic treatment is used for dental malocclusion that causes crowding and improper positions of the teeth. It can be made by fixed apparatus that is composed of elements attached to the teeth (bands and brackets) to which thin elastic arcs of metal alloy (nickel-titanium) are firmly anchored by means of a set of ligatures. Removable apparatus can also be used, which can be removed from the mouth by the patient, allowing them to be removed during oral hygiene and meals, these devices when treating dental problems have their specific indications that do not replace fixed orthodontics, although they solve some simple malocclusions.

Dental implant

It consists of the replacement of lost dental units through the placement of titanium dental implants inserted into the jaws, in the form of roots of teeth placed inside the bone and which can then carry artificial dental crowns designed for it.

In cases where there are limitations in the placement of implants due to lack of height in the maxilla, complementary interventions, such as the maxillary sinus elevation technique, will be used.

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