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Dental implantology is the dental discipline that deals with the study of alloplastic materials in or on the bones of the jaws to support dental rehabilitation. It aims to replace lost teeth by surgical placement of a dental implant in the maxillary or mandibular bone.

Dental implants can be of different sizes, surfaces, and materials. The implants are designed prosthetic rehabilitations that will allow restoring the masticatory, phonetic and aesthetic functions of the patient. The choice of the type of implant that is placed in patients is made according to the diagnosis, prognosis and interdisciplinary treatment plan between the general dentist with a specialist in surgery, periodontics or prosthodontics.

Currently, most intraosseous implants are in the form of a dental root and the materials used to manufacture them use highly biocompatible materials such as titanium, which allows a biologically stable bone binding called Oseointegration.

Currently, implantology is a branch in constant evolution that increasingly presents faster, predictable and minimally invasive techniques.

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